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Friday, September 7, 2007

Chow Vi: OMGWTFBBQ, Argentina is training at Princess Park at 4pm today! and the first 50 will be eligible for an autograph session with the Argies. Imagine taking photos with Tevez, Mascherano, Messi and and and.............

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Action? We ran to princess park at 3:15pm hoping that we can make it for the session. In any case watching the Argentina Squad train in open play is sexy enough.

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Reached the stadium at 3:30 and the queue was about 300+ Disappointed as we are, it was still good because we get to watch Argentina train!
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The stadium seats were pretty crap, then again its free entry. But the concern was that most of the people in the stadium was wearing Australia Jerseys and we asked Chow Vi are you sure Argentina is going train here?

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Damn It! Turned out that the Socceroos were the ones training here instead of Argentina. Herald Sun conned us :( Nevertheless, the atmosphere was enjoyable and its not like everyday you get to see professionals train in front of you.

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It was quite disappointing knowing that Kewell, Cahill and Viduka didn't turn up. Don't know what happened to them but anyway got the chance to see Schwarzer, Bresciano and Archie. Oh, this open training is Australia's warm up ahead to Tuesday's match against Argentina. Oh yes I'm excited :)

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