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Monday, January 21, 2008

Ripped this idea off from the ingeniously Pinkpau, of course I can't live up to her standard so i decided to come out with few tweaks of my own version - very much like the original of course. A warning to anyone who tries to attempt this, it will take AGES to complete! I started this during the afternoon and now I'm finally done with it! Argh

Pictures of you
Pictures of me
Remind us all of what we used to be ~

Anyway here goes,

1. The most recent picture of you. Where was it taken, when was it taken and who took it? How was your mood?


It was taken at Bangsar Puteri, Karl's Beisl a few days back. If I'm not mistaken Marc Fong took the picture. How was I feeling? Embarrassed because I hate birthday songs :(

2. A picture of you with a friend. Who is this friend? How did you meet him/her? How long have you known him/her?:


This is Marc Fong, the apparent photographer of the first picture. I met him at Scotch College during my high school years. First thought of him? A loser because he listens to weirdo music but we're brothers now because he kicks asses for fun.

3. A picture of you with your spouse/partner. How long have you known each other/been married/been going out?


This is May Yeng, I've known her since standard 6 and we've been dating since form 2 till now. Though there were ups and downs she plays a big part in my life.

4. A family picture:


Taken at Hong Kong, Disneyland! A trip to remember.

5. A picture of you making a peace sign:


Okay, I realized that I've never actually taken pictures with the peace sign but thank God for Jia Liang who invented the supergay kawaii pose therefore we did it.

6. A camwhore picture of yourself. Remember it must be taken by your own self :)


This replaced the yo dawg sign as I couldn't find any :(

7. A picture of you in your Halloween costume:


My first Halloween party actually haha! Dressed up as a Magician, boring i know :(

8. A picture of you on holiday. Where was it?


At the steps of St Paul Ruins ( I believe ) with mummy and sister.

A picture with 20 people or more!


Jia Liang's & Percival's farewell + Jia Chyuen's Birthday!
*This was a replacement to a picture of you in school/workplace

10. A picture of you in a weird or random place. Where is this place? Who took this picture?


Why were we here? Jin: Eh lets go fishing!! US: Ok! and the next thing you know we were fishing nothing at Janda Baik! Hahahha. Chow Vi took this picture, and no I did not cast my line to the tree, it was Marc's doing.

11. A picture of your ride.


Figured it would be hard getting pictures of myself on stage because I'm the one taking photos most of the time so I replaced with my new found love.

12. A picture of you playing sport:


Whooping Arthur Robinson, Boarding School at football.

13. A picture of you with a celebrity:


Hehe, thumbs up Mum!

14. A picture of you drunk:


And you think it would be nice to leave a drunkard alone to sleep but NOOOOOOOOOOOO I was told to open the door, damn you Ben.

15. A picture of you looking mad. Why were you mad?


I think Marc wasn't too keen on drinking thats why.

16. A picture of you looking sad. Why were you sad?


Can't remember why I look like this, maybe I was hungry.

17. A picture of you looking WEIRD. Why were you looking weird?


Pretty obvious why I look weird. No one is ever touching my hair again :(


Other weird pictures I found, kinky.


And this, flaming Bacardi 151!

18. A picture of you wearing something strange:


Don't you think my high school blazer was it bit off? Who wears red, blue+gold stripes coats.


Another weird attire...I think they've lost it.

19. A picture of you wearing formal:


Scotch College Year 12 Formal, was it? I can't remember. Maybe it was another event but heck.

20. A picture of you at a beach:


St. Kilda Beach last year :)

Yes I've reduced it to 20 making it easier to tag people now hehe and also simply because I can't find any pics of me holding animals, wearing PJs :(

Anyway thank you Pinkypau!

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